Friday, September 19

super random

Since i'm blogging now, then i think you might know i have chosen B over A. I thought i made a right decision until .....

How's the kuala selangor trip?
Hmm? Cancel already le.. no people want to go.

Cham lor, suddenly i feel i macam Pak Pandir. (still remember him or not?) He got two invitations to some party, free food and stuff. He thought he was lucky. But he doesn't know which one to go, since both are very tempting, but in a different way. However, both party are in totally different location and can only be reached by boat. Last time don't have motor boat, so need to row. To make story short, he didn't managed to go any of the party. Old and hungry and super duper tired!!

But still okay la, am now freaking tired due to the crazy party last night. Surprisingly, i woke up early today but i dozed off a few times even when i was typing. Seriously tired. I gonna have a good rest this weekends. Cousin called, ask if we want to do some volunteer work this Sunday.

Though i have lansi face and club, i have kind hearted okay!! (another reminder to Y o U) :P

HelllloooooOOOOoooooo... anyone in KL tomoro?
I do not know what to do in KL, after spending almost 7 weekends not in KL I suddenly feel very lost and lonely. wth? haha.

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