Wednesday, October 22

I think ..

I'm getting fatter and fatter due to constipation and the total amount of food that i consume everyday. I love to eat and these few days, my lovely friends, never forget to call me for food. I feel so being loved. Lolz. Sushi RM2 Bonanza. I was told that Bambee they all went earlier to book the table at 5pm so that by the time i reached, we can straight away MAKAN! Cilaka them. I reached, and I need to QUEUE UP for them instead. Their shadows were no where to be seen. Ishh. Waited for 1 hour 30 minutes just to get the best seat of the shop. Right beside the chef. There were times when we actually put in our hands to take those expensive plates like Unagi, fried Prawn, salmon and etc. Remember my previous post on the Saturday where we played heartattack and bluff? We had bak kut teh for dinner in Puchong. Baybee says, "As good as Klang." Erm, it tasted nice, but i guarantee he wanted to meet the pretty lady boss there nia lorr. hik Hik hik...
We ordered one soup, one dry. The dry one looked like fresh blood meat. But it didn't look like that. According to Saf, Sony Camera cannot differentiate between purple and red. Hmm, i think so. Right after dinner, we went to the shop behind it to have some balitongs. Actually we were already very full, but Jalan Jalan Cari Makan ma, must eat one!

I think i'm creative lor. I arrange these balitongs into 3 stalks of flower and a tortoise. hehe.Cute or not?

Last night's dinner. Total Bill : RM67. Hmm.. They bluffed me, the fish actually was the African Fish, which i told them do not order African Fish, as it tasted weird. KNS. Overall, not bad.
We stayed until 9pm discussing about our this Sunway trip to Genting. Planning our strategics to win money and lanku-ing a lot, from the loan shark to the Safari. Haha. Anyways, I hope and pray that i could win some cash, from casino for my vietnam trip. Huhu. Laiyee, please pray for me also, then i can chia you a meal in Vietnam, maybe? :)
OLE, ole ole ole...GENTING, here WE COME!!!!


    poor me.. i cant balitong at mlk~huh~

  2. but mlk got si ham le...
    come kl la, the balitong at puchong. hehe