Sunday, October 12

A note of appreciation

Thanks everyone who gave your comments and i truly appreciate each and every piece of advices from you. It truly made me feel I'm surrounded by many angels who cares for me, a lot.

Well, the previous post was something i wanted to write for very long but i hold it back, hesitated for a while if i should post it up because it is quite personal i think. also, i'm quite sensitive, and i do care what other people gonna think.

I afraid some people would say that i'm desperately looking for a bf, but the matter of fact is, i have yet putting down my last relationship and i'm not ready for a new one. My friend suggested me to get a new guy so that i can let go everything. It is the faster way out, she told me. But i think it would be unfair to the new guy if i were to be with him because i wanted to forget my ex.
No. Love and relationship doesn't work that way. It should be coming from both souls, truly and purely loving each other and wanting to be with each other always, no other intentions.

I realized i was quite shy when it comes to blogging about my love life, because partly i'm not involved in one right now and i think they won't feel good if i were to blog about them here, because the memories should remained in our heart and not writing them out and let the public read about it. :>

I am lucky because we are still in a very good friendships and we sometimes hang out with each other, chatting about everything. I'm very comfortable lepaking with him, mainly because we used to share everything together and he knows everything about me. He is also my best cam-whored buddy. :=) Though we failed as couple but i think we are made as buddies. Bitch, all the best in your last sem in Uni before entering your internship life!!! :P AND It's best to know someone still care for you, as a friend, right?

oh, I feel so good.

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