Thursday, October 9

Raya Raya II

May all your wishes come true ya, and happy happy always.
pretty pretty always.
i love you.. muah!

We headed back to KL last Saturday around 845 from TI and i was quite moody that night. Saf and Bee realized that and kept on asking me why. I shaked my head and said i'm fine. Maybe i came to realize that my holidays are ending and i need to go back to my work. Sigh. Then, Saf asking us to go to Poppy. I hesitated for a while, because i was rather tired and i wouldn't know how bad would the traffic be, driving at constant 60kph all the way from TI to Bidor. I thought it would be really late when we reach. But in the end, i agreed because i have never been clubbing with them and thank god i went with them, or else no body gonna drive them back, apparently ALMOST all of them went tipsy that night. Boon Teong exclaimed, "This is my first time clubbing in KL and i got drunk". I couldn't help myself laughing at them, because there are many types of drunkers if you realize. Bee, boon Teong and me

Some drunkers can went into really emotional, their eyes show it all. The girls comfirm cry out loud, and say all those I-miss-home/father/mother/bf/gf/sheateng. The guys would be more in control but you can see that they are really sad or depress over something and staring at one particular corner for minutes.

On the other hand, some can go really high, and talk non-stop. If they were from the shy type, you can see total change in themselves. They can approach anyone and tell them everything and laugh with them. AND they will tell you, "I'm not DRUNK". hee hee. sounds familiar? I think i belong to this category. I remembered everything i said or i did, but i just couldn't help talking a lot and apologizing. I feel so sorry because my friends had to carry me and take care of me, because i can't control my movement. When wei wei got tipsy that night i told her, "now i know how it feels to take care of a drunker, its pretty annoying" and the next day, i received a text from her, "thank you for taking care, i bet i was annoyance huh?" See, they remembered everything. hehe.

I love this picture!

Lastly, another type is they went KAbooom. Passed out. and need to people to carry away and they would have no idea what happened last night when they wake up. (*i think*)

Well, back to the club. we reached around 1am, and the club was crowded like packed like sardin. The small dancing floor was fulled with people. You havd no idea how many times i was stepped. You couldn't dance but there was one thing that you comfirm do. you SWEAT like hell. I didn't really enjoy that night because no cute guys around except for some gay who got hooked up at bee it was too packed. And the toilet was clogged and the overflow of water flooded the floor. EEwwwww. If the dim sum shop were to open at 530am, we would have to eat there, because when i got home, it was already 515am. *damn tired i assure you*

8 hours later, i was awaken by a text message. "Boon Teong wants to do some shopping. Pick you up at 3pm".

Family photo.
Bee, Boon Teong, me, Wei wei

Dine in Pick and Brew. This environment is nicely decorated and we were being placed in VIP Area. BUT the food sucked big time. That was my second time, and i will not be back anymore. Their coffee made me sleepless night too.

No wonder the guys didn't listen to my advice, because they weren't eating. -.-"" Should have gone to Nando, where Wei wei and i are craving for. Mmg cilakak one la, tak makan tak bagi tau.
And i feel like stabbing them into pieces.

Some random pictures taken that day:

I must say that the shaolin guy looked rather real because it has 3D effect. The last time i went there with WuiKeong, i didn't take any picture because i was shy but this time i don't care because i have companion. Wei wei was drinking from the *ahem* that i made with my finger. wtf. I posted this picture in my facebook and the guys commented that we are pervert and should avoid us. haha.
Cheng loon: honey bee, i miss you.
Wei wei : shhh, don't too obvious, later sheateng they all see us?

(rekaan semata-mata, tiada kaitan antara wei wei and chengloon, seperti yang mereka katakan)
The next day, i got text again. "Steamboat Yuen for dinner". BAng wall, only 4th of the month and i have spent so much. Nevermind la, not many times we could hang out btw. I ajaked Shin Ying along and we had so much laughers that night.
If you realized, the time passes like nobody business. so treasure everyone beside you. :)
would you rather be sorry later or love them now?
love me!!
hee hee

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