Monday, October 6

Raya Raya.

Ever since i started internship, life has been quite routine for me. No meeting up sessions because i would be pretty exhausted after a day of work for waking up early every morning or most of the times, we were occupied with our own assignments and work. So i took 3 days of unpaid leaves and together with 2 days of public holidays, i was granted ONE whole week of free times!!!

I've planned my holidays beforehand but it did not go accordingly. I have been taking lotsa pictures on each place but i think i shall blog it some other day, you know since i'm back to Office.... (I guess you would notice by now that i only blog when i'm at work? haha. That explains why i was MIA for the whole week!) Some trailers to my coming entries. kanasai.

First stop: Pangkor Island for two days and one night with family and relatives. But most of the time, i was alone with my camera. Like i said, i have no peers around to camwhored with so most of the picstures taken were syiok sendiri. haha.
View from hotel
On speedboat, don't you think my grannie is CUTE?
Don't ask me what is this called!
Like Father

Like Daughter!!


I went to Green Box with my colleagues before i drive back to TI, and last Thurs i went to K-box with my Ah Seng, Han Choo, and Fa gu. I prefer Green Box to K Box of the variety of songs available and the sound system. I felt so so sorry for them, because they had to bear with my off-tune, off-key, off-sound singing. Lolz.

Bryan, (^.^), kirsten, Siew Peng
(^.^), han Choo, Fa gu, ah seng
FIR? *pengsan*Caught in action. haha


Heyya, I really made it to Cik Nona's house on first day of raya. Lemang, nasi himpit, chicken curry and rendang. Sluurrps. I thought it would be a large group, but unfortunately only four of us. Yoke Hoon, her sister and Evonne. But we had so much fun catching ups with cik nona. ;)

Kesian Yh's sister need to take the pic for us!
The one that gave me the nickname : SOTONG!

I had one mahjong session with Poh Cheong and Adam. No money involved which means we are good kids. ;)

Mader, no wonder i can't game. Adam had the EXaCTLY the same thing with me, except that my joker was a female and his was male! what a coincidence.


THREE stupid baffalos spent time gossiping in front of laptops to check out people's stuff.

Wahhh.... they're married?

**more to come. lunch time soon!!**