Tuesday, October 21

So, we woke up on beautiful saturday morning 3pm and got ourselves ready. But then, the only thing that lighten me up was the breakfast, errr.... lunch, ok ok tea break because not only it was fattening tasty and all prepared in front of me, but also the only thing that went smoothly.
On that beautiful day, my baby died on me.... Oh dear, why can't you hang on a few minutes more? i was about to drive you to Emergency Room. T_T. And the rescue operation took me around two hours and them, the bloody friends went swimming without me, and when i got back, they were done with swimming. ARGGHhHHhh... pek chek or not?


We went out for dinner and came back with keleng chao, indian alcohol. Cheap cheap whisky at the price of RM15 and some snacks. We watched Ah Long and then played big2, Heartattack and also bluff until 5am.

There was punishment to the games we played.

Heartattacked faces

Bluff - Need to act accordingly to what the winner requested.
and some others which it's too indecent to be revealed. huhu.


Harry, Saf, Bambee, Ashlee, Joelle
with bananas and phone camera

Started of 1-6 posts

Suddenly we got panic as we heard the cracking of the bed, so we fast fast run to the living room. We set the phone camera to take 6 shots in a row and on timer. Out of the sudden, Harry's banana broke into two and dropped on the floor and it was captured! See the second picture to see our expressions!
Harry being blur. Saf and Bee continued on posing. (VAIN) and joelle and me laughed,uncontrollable, sampai terangkat kaki and tangan. lolz.
Fighting for banana

Then, we faster grabbed our ass into Barbee's car to go eat dimsum.With that, we bid goodbye to the guys and slept at 7am after cleaning up. That was how i spent my saturday. Oh, wait. I haven't blogged about the dinner yet!

"I'm lovin' it"

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