Friday, November 7

Dealer Vs Gambler.

Some of you might know that i worked in Genting's Casino before as a croupier a.k.a dealer. I was trained in Roulette, Tai Sai (Big/Small), French Boule and Mini Dice. It is mentioned in the contract before that we are not allowed to go to casino within three years of the resignation date. Kahyee and I both resigned at year 2006 so 2009 is the valid year if we were to go to casino right?

So during our last trip to Genting, obviously on 2008, both of us were quite paranoid when we went into Casino. Everytime we want to go into the casino, the security guards checked our I/C to make sure that we are legal, 21 years old and above. (Yippee, i still looked young le..)

So, there was once, when we actually saw the Assistant Manager that we both knew monitoring the tables that we were playing. I pulled KY away and told her that i think he would remember me, because i used to curi tulang alot when on duty. :P Then we returned with an innocent face, as if we don't know him, and even if he remembered us, our face showed that we are no longer in the THREE years being prohibit into casino. This is what we showed:

Kidding. okay, back to the story. So, there were a bunch of cinapeks and cinamaks (uncles and aunties) playing in the table. They were lucky and winning. On the table layout, there was another empty column in the middle, which were left empty by the them i think. Since the minimum bet is RM50, so i shared with KY and put onto that column, because we afraid that they won't like it if we tumpang their column. (later being cursed, "tap cham shun, kapal karam due to the tumpang). As soon as i put it, they gave me a WHATTHEFUCK stare and one of the cinapek said to the dealer, "ARE THEY YOUR COLLEAGUES?" and I gave another "i'm not" look and KY ran away.

It is a black jack kind of game.

Players' card were good. averagely 17- 19. But the banker was 20. Wth. The same cinapek who asked that question stood up and gave me another wtf+I_wanna_kill_you stare. I faster walked away and grabbed KY who was at the table next to it, leaving Khoonyan and Bee behind. \


*this is my assumption*
You see, gamblers are very particular about feng shui and some supertiscious. Before we came, they were winning and they thought that leaving the column empty brings them luck. But the rebellious us, went to buat kacau by placing our bet. According to Khoonyan and Bee, since we left, they were losing non-stop and they also cursed us NON-STOP. They addressed us as HANTU.


When we were a dealer, we were scolded, A LOT by the gamblers.
Now when our turn to be a gambler, we were scolded them again.



  1. haha.. i was a croupier too in year 2001-2002.. but i go to genting casino again in the end of 2002 as well as a gambler~ lol~

  2. come on, i cant wait to scold dealer or Hantu....

    Come we go together, no one dares to scold us one...
    I have Cinapek look mah, only cinapek scolds people ....

    come on , genting , my beloved genting ....

  3. shying - really? we were damn sked u know, macam anak ayam nia. hahaha,...

    Kian, shut ur mouth up and grab ur ass to KL. then we go together . haha

  4. hahaha..apa mau takut.. as long u take kasi itu AM nampak..cukup laa..