Friday, November 7

It's approaching year end already and the auditors are getting busier including the Vacation Trainee like me. I always rant about being too free, nothing much to do or what i did was simple task any students can do. I think God must heard me, hence i am bombed with so much work now.

Everyone is busy, and hence i am given responsibility to handle an assignment on my own. I feel much like a working adult, *heeeee* but i am afraid that i might not perform good, cause i still think that i am dumb and stupid idiot buffalo. This current assignment is very much different from what i did before, and being there all alone, no one to seek assistant from unless you make a phone call. Seniors are helpful but sometimes i just can't get what they meant. Shit, i find myself getting slower and lazy. Lazy to pay attention to what they are explaining and of course slower in catching their words.

But at the end of the day, i feel so proud of myself if i managed to finish one testing. Even one simple testing. :D

Rainie, me, sze min
Remember i blogged about the girls talk which lasted a few hours after the working hour? We went for a dinner today. We were so full, until couldn't even finish up the cakesssssssss. *burpsss* Haih, i think i failed to lose weight lor. Go gym burned 200 ka-lori, then eat 300 kaw-lorries.

Working part time this weekends again. :( Anyone going 1U, please give me a call, especially during lunch and dinner time, and come visit me, i'll give you a UMobile Simpack for FREEee... :)


  1. Umobile simpack ffor free..sure bo?? y my fren never give me geh??(he is a supervisor at Umobile callcenter~

  2. yeala.. the prepaid one. until end of this year. why u want ar? come oneU take from me la...

  3. hahaha..take mau la..saja~