Monday, November 10

I miss You, biatch

The first time i saw you in the bus, i got the instinct that you would be my roommate,because she was the only chinese with me in the bus. I still remember your -then- impression. Lansi. Your whole family came to send you off some more, in a packed Van. Must be a mummy's girl. We tried to avoid eye contact but our parents were happily talking in the room. Being new in the university, we sticked together like french toast. You were peanut and me the bread. Soon, i realized we have so much in common. We both was using the E398 Motorola handset and we are good at judging people.
There were many sleepless nights...with endless gossips and sharing. You tell me yours and i tell you mine. So many secrets and advices exchanged. I missing those days already!However, i think we are closer in the room, with the door closed. Maybe it is due to the different faculty we are in, so much different in the subjects we take and the friends we mix. But nevertheless, you still a very good companion of mine.

Remember we used to go the IRC during study week? It was so cold, and we were so bored. Out of the six hours spent there, instead of studying, we camwhored, drawing here and there (the Full House that we were so crazy that we sacrificed our sleeping time and study week), we smuggled snacks.. ahh the chewing gums and the colorful choc-peanuts (i cant remember the name now). The most keng one was, BURGER Toronto and Milo Tabur for supper! or the tomyam soup. Or the ameeth boss that you miss. ops. misses you!

"Wei, the XXX episode Y is out~~!!!!!!!"
"wait for me to watch okayy.. don't watch first"

Then, we would move our chair towards the laptop and watch together. If either one of us has watched it earlier, then we would make fun by asking, "you want me to tell you who win or not?" I love watching horror/ghost movie with her lor. You see her like that, with the muka garang and lansi but she is actually very timid lor. She will close her whole face with the pillow during the peak like when you know the ghost is coming out like that when the heroin is busy studying.

You see, she has a very naughty roommate who keep disturbing and include her in the pictures she take. That happens when she refused to entertain her roommate. Oh ya, i miss her cooking now. Do you know she can cook very well? She is the who take very good care of me and of course i take care of her better, like I borrow her my earphones. :)
To the mother of the loudest voice in the house:

Thank you for being there for me, everytime i was down.
Thank you for being there for me, when i was being retarded.
Thank you for being there for me, when i was hungry.
Thank you for being there for me, when i was in the lowest point of life.

Actually, it meant the opposite way. Haha. Babe, All the best and good luck on your final examinations which is tomorrow. Since, we both realized we do not have many pictures taken together, and i do not have a solo picture of yours, please spend more time with me. Hehe. Most probably we won't be seeing each other until July next year when you come back from interns, because i don't think you would come back to UTP just to visit your lonely roommate when your *ahem* is in Italy. You always know that my phone is 24/7 for you, kan? I rindu sama kamu banyak banyak.
i love you biatch. <3>
p/s: to all UTPians and my friends who having examinations, all the best and good luck! don't be jealous, she is my truly lesbian mate. :)`

p/s/s : her favourite quote: MAK KAU JATUH TERPELANTING.

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  1. bimbs,

    i love you~~~ dont tell my secret to the public! thanks for your support hehehe.

    we will definitely be roommate when im back for intern right? you have to spend your last moment in utp with me!!!