Tuesday, November 11

sheateng is getting rounder

Finally, i got home before eight p.m.

These few days i have been busy with everything. First of all, my daily 9-7 is all about working, working hour extended because i am at a very slow pace, postponing the deadlines, but what to do, i am a intern what. Not that i am not efficient, but i am doing something which i'm not familiar with, not to mention, tak pernah tengok pun there is nobody to guide me through this. Auditor is all about making sure that everything is alright and on track, big responsibility and i so afraid i screw it up, and my host company being sued. Choi choi choi, touch wood. I guess i just need more time to make sure that i do not make mistakes. One step at one time.

My 14 days complementary pass to gym is going to expire tomorrow. I guess the more i work out, the more i gain weight. Shall blog about this in the coming post.

Oh my, i worked during last weekends. It was tired and torturing. TEN freaking hours, promoting and convincing people to take the sim-pack for free is not easy. "It's FREE. Nahh..." and they ran faster. Where got such a big frog jumping in the middle of the road. But if i were them, i would react the same too. I'm using Maxis postpaid, and everyone has my number already and i have 10 people in my Extra 10, whom i always keep in touch with cheaper rate. Why would i take all the troubles in canceling my number, informing people that i changed my number because i were given a simpack for free? Unless i have another extra phone. Wait, my Digi sim card which still has RM50+ credit and i have no one to call/sms. So, i would smile and say "no, thank you!"

I am still thinking if i should work this weekends, if there is any opportunity. I need money but the long working hour is kinda scary. There are a few things that i need to do, like registering for next semester, prepare my internship presentation slides, write my weekly report, and i think i should start writing my final report, as i will be away for the Vietnam and Cambodia with Laiyee. We sacrificed a lot because of this trip. Our free sweet weekends working our ass off, rejecting a good paid job(LY), gambled(wtf), ending the internship one week earlier( i hope it won't affect my grade), ... But no pain, no gain. VietCam, here we come babeh in 2 months time. :)

I'm growing rounder and rounder. My sister actually laughed at my rounder face, and complaint that i have put on so much weight. I am craving eating a lot of sweet/fattening junk food. I had a bar of MARS, on my way back from TPM. I have MiMi in my car, Mamee in my room and i so want to eat the oreo ice-cream from McD, and delicious cheese cake, durian, chicken wings, BBQ pork, popiah, lok lok!!!!! Stupid streesss, i am going hunt you down and kill. Arggghhh!!!


  1. U plan the film a movie is it?

    "Round Like A World In 80 Days"

    Movie name also think for u d...


  2. come, u be my actor, i'll be the director, and i make u round in 30 days.