Monday, November 3

RM7 Tag on my blog

Ok. I have been tagged by EDREA.
me: edrea
12:47 AM what's the different btw the tags i tagged u and the tag u tagged me?
Edrea.Chua: the one i tag u is 7 weird things
den the one u tag me
is 10 weird/ habit/ or lil known fact
12:49 AM me: different?
12:51 AM Edrea.Chua: diff le
one is habit and lil known
12:52 AM den the other is just pure weird
me: haha

Here are the rules. To tag along: you have to list 7 weird things about yourself, post it in your blog, tag at least 7 people (list their names), and comment on their blog to let them know that you just tagged them.

1. I think i am not weird, (am i?)
2. I think i'm a yoyo. My weight goes down and up.
3. I think taking shower wasting water.
4. I feel suffocated every time i wear turtle neck clothes, or tight clothes.
5. I think constipation makes me fat.
6. I think i can be cheated easily.
7. I cry when i don't have enough of sleep.

Now, besides listing down 7 weird things about urself, you have to list down 7 weird things about the person who tagged you. and post in the blog and tag 7 more people. hehe...all the best."

So weird things about Edrea,

1. She thinks that both tags are different. (it;s the same ma...)
2. She doesn't comb her hair.
3. She is manja
4. She laughed loudly, out of sudden
5. She loves me. huhu
6. She doesn't like to eat rice.
7. She scored 4.0!!!!!!!
(sorry for the stupid random weirdo bout you, coz i feel like sleeping now)

So I'm tagging

Adam Loo,
Saf Kok,
Tang Ang Khian,
Chey Wan Sin,
Poh Khay Inn,
Pinky Lim,
Ong Kee Hui
(tolong bagi muka, buat tag okay)


  1. kena tag ler...

    so my 7 weirdness are such as following:

    1. im a chinese who doesnt knw chinese(aka pisang, banana, kin chiow)
    2. i like to be artistic even tho im not
    3. i like to drive home alone
    4. i got a pink shirt
    5. i got a pink belt
    6. hmm...i will get excited over sumthing till i cant sleep
    7. i can stay awake for 2 days without sleeping ??


    so 7 weird things bout buffalo is

    1. she loves taking photos (vain) and will complain bout most of the photos taken even tho they are really nice.
    2. she introd me to the world of clubbing ..hehe
    3. she can cook the best porridge
    4. she kicks arses
    5. she is tang sudu practicer
    6. she will get excited over nice food
    7. her tortoises committed suicide and ran away

  2. huhu... the last weird pt about me is wrong lo... long time dy i din score 4.0 lol ! =) but thanks layan-ing my tag lol! =)=)