Monday, December 1

1st December 2008

I noticed,

The queue at lrt stations are longer than usual, which explains there are more new faces, and the turnover rate at each station is rather high but the highest remains KLCC. The moment you stepped into KLCC Suria, you would never realized it's only freaking 9.a.m, because the crowd was big, people walking from both directions. It's like normal operating hour, people go shopping kind of feeling, except that the shops are still closed.

Hey, my engineering friends and ITIS juniors started their internship today! Good luck and happy internship buddies! As for my batch of interns, it's another month to go before we going back to our beloved Uni. haha... I'm feeling very excited and can't wait to go back to UTP because i started to hate my workload already. It's very stressful when you are given the responsibility to finished up something on your own that you have Zero knowledge on it. I know, nobody is equipped with knowledge when he/she comes to this world, but i do not have the interest to learn it, since it's another one month to go only. Lazy lazy lazy!

I wonder what making me so lazy and demotivated. I'm not eager to learn new things or meet new people. Oh, am eating unhealthy these days. This days, when i looked into the mirror, i feel horrible, my face is getting rounder and i'm having double chin too. Serious. my mushroom hair is adding to the round effect too and can't hide the fat grow under the chin, when i smile it gives this effect --> :))

This week is very packed. My mom and sis are coming KL this Wednesday. My lecturer is visiting this Friday to evaluate my presentation. 20% of total Grade. But, i'm looking forward this weekends. verli berli muchi! :D XD :D I gonna make sure everything turns out great.

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