Wednesday, December 3

Just a mere update

Heh, curious why there wasn't any update yesterday? I'm just lack of idea and creativity to update. The mood of blogging has went hiding. Nowadays, i wonder what is the purpose of blogging, what to blog, and how people would manipulate your words. These days are the days which i do not wish to let everyone know how i feel and what i do. Apart from that, i have nothing special to blog about. I have been rushing, preparing for my 2nd lecture visit this Friday. I can't wait for it to be over. Somehow, i feel like it is the end of internship after the presentation. It has been some time that i haven't given presentation and my language is getting rusty and broken, just hope that i do not get paranoid speaking in front of people and screw the damn 20% of my grade.

.Laiyee and me.

We are thinking to prolong our VietCam trip to 14 days, instead of 12 days, to avoid being too rush throughout the trip. However, besides the extra expenses for the additional 2 days, we also need to pay RM160 to change the flight. How? The USD is still quite high these days.... Hmm, comment comment. Should change flight or not?

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