Tuesday, December 23

don't read. I'm whining.

i cannot stand standing or stand sitting or stand onlining or stand refreshing blogs or stand sleepiness or stand tiredness any longer. I feel so suffocated. Now i know what irritates me. I cannot stand anything that is unstandable. wait. am i using the stand word correctly?

arghh... i want a driver to drive me home. Hate walking to so far and then waiting for trains and then driving back home and then staring at the square box again and then cannot stand onlining and cannot stand refreshing blogs and cannot stand the stupid connection.

everyday is such a routine. DAMN SIEN. Can i take leave tomorrow? and on tuesday and wednesday next week also? if can someone please help me do the exit procedure on Friday. I want to sleeeep until the sun rises up on the head and burn my arses.

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