Tuesday, December 30

sien lor

All my backs are packed, im not ready to move.

i'm roomless now. T_T

How time flies eh? It was just like yesterday i moved into this room. With the help of my sister, I moved all my belongings into the living room and some into her room. I'm parasiting at least for another 1 week, intruding their privacy and causing a mess in their comfortable zone. Hehe.

I do not know how to fit all my stuff into my kancil when i drive back to utp later.. I have so many stuff. I think i inherited a habit from my grandmother, which is, i can't seem to throw away stuff which still considered "ok". Sometimes, i need to close my eyes and chunk it into the rubbish bin, and never look back. -.-" ya know, everything thing has its own significant values if you realize lor. Like a XplorRC keychain, though it isn't as nice as other keychain sold elsewhere, but it was given as a token of appreciation that we, the Tings-Teng (ai ting, shiout ting, shea teng) has finished up the race behind 5 male groups. I will not use the keychain in the nearest time, but i have been keeping it for almost two years. So, will you throw away or keep it in the box with other unused items? Ahhh, i cannot make any decision. Sien. That explains why i have berlambak-lambak of stuff!

I watched two movies during the five days of holidays. Australia and Ip Man ( i don't know why many people pronounce it as Ee P Man, rather than "Ip Mun" including the chinese!!!) After the movies, i am thankful that we are no longer in the war, as peaceful as a lake. It would be freaking sien to live in fear, not knowing when you would be raped, killed, bombed, tortured or anything lor. Sien.

The typical sien guy deleted my entry. Sien lor..

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