Friday, January 2

Good bye my darlings

IBM T43, i will miss you like hell, you have never died on me throughout my 8 months in pwc. How i miss watching dvds, surfing internet with you. :)

Oh, i will be leaving my company in less than an hour!

Not excited at all. Not sad at all though. it's rather neutral. Maybe i'm prepared for this farewell for so looong. Hehe.

I sent out an email this morning, to express my gratitude to all my colleagues. They are freaking awesome, nice and friendly. They never treat us a interns, but friends.. we talked and teased without boundaries. Somehow, what i really missed out is there isn't enough time for me to be able to work with each and everyone of them here...

Every hello ends with bye bye.

till we meet again,

siao eh

p/s : wanted to post up pics, but i have deleted all the pics in my laptop. wait ya!

1 comment:

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