Thursday, January 1

happee niu ear

I went out shopping the whole day with my sis n cousin. I wasn't eager to go at first because i wanna save up some money and everyone said i could get better deals/prices/varieties during my backpack trip later which is coming next tuesday. omg, another 5 days!!

If you ever went shopping with me, i bet you must realize that i'm a fast buyer. Once i like it, i will straight away buy without much consideration. however, half of the time regret on my prompt purchase. hehe.
for god's sake, we shopped for 7 hours non stop, no sign of hungry at all. we even shopped in Guardian when we was buying mineral water. really cannot go watson or guardian with my sister one i tell you. she can buy anything to everything. once, during our trip to china, both of them spent 2 hours in watson, with total bill of RMB500+, but didn't have cash to pay. credit card failed to be detected. ended up calling my aunt to bring cash and get nag kao kao by her.

I'm quite satisfied with my shopping today. a dress, a belt and a working pants, sunscreen, lip balm and i love them. at least no sign of feeling regret. hehe
I guess my sister succeeded in controlling me, or else i would have paid for the dress/jeans i tried on. i hope i can really get a good stuff during my trip lor, or else, i tell you, i gonna kill her. btw, cannot buy, at least pose and take pics right? hehe.

nah, my new hair. :)

have a guess on how much i spent on shopping today... those who guess it correctly, i will give a souvenir from my trip. :)

count count!


  1. eh?
    why din buy the 2 dresses?
    very nice ar...
    they can help u cheat people also...
    coz u look slim in both of them....
    Dress that got cheating function, not bad.....berbaloi

  2. oh? really kah?
    i see i see.
    thank you ah. i know i look slim in both of them.
    but in fact i mmg slim.