Wednesday, February 4

FYP, what?

this holy cow year doesn't seems to ONG me. Spent so much unnecessary money on unnecessary things.

When i was working, i wanted to come back to UTP asap because i said i prefer studying than internship.

well, i guess internship made me brainless, eh no. it reduces my ability to sit still and listen to the lecturers and what more? it reduces my competitiveness and motivation to actually get myself back to books.

It's third week, and i haven't bought any books.

Just attended the Final Year Project (FYP) first briefing and it scared me to death. Damn lecturer, showing off his students' project, which makes me think that mine is a lousy idea. F him. we are suppose doing our research now, according to him and the milestone. Ya right, with holidays almost every week, and weekends coming, who cares about research.

Bachelor of Business Information System or Bachelor (HONS) of Business Information System?

It's just the FYP that matters.

Okay, have done with complaining. i shall go to have my nap now.



  1. Well, well, sien lo...not yet come to FYP...

    God blesses ya!

  2. a chinese taoist philosopher in 6th century BC, Laozi, said "the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" :)

    just start your fyp first, concentrate on what you are doing, and i believe once u almost finish your fyp2, u will be surprised by yourself on how much u can go. but everything just has to be started first.