Thursday, February 19

It's Laiyee's

happy happy happy happy birthday.
everyone's happy!
it was a crazy thought that i suddenly drove back to TI at 11p.m yesterday to give her a surprise. Was planning with Cheng Loon and Kahyee. (But due to miscommunication, me and kahyee didn't contact each other because she thought i canceled it and i thought she was busy with her meeting. Well, sorry babe, i should have called.)

So i reached TI around 1205 with Kong Chai Chen, as i dragged him along with me, as yokehoon's representative eh? haha.

Actually, i pakat-ed with Kenny, ly's bro.
when we reached her house, i called Kenny.
"eh, we reached d, where is your sister?"
"she's in the room"
"open the door okay"

Once i opened the door, kanasai laiyee was outside the toilet, peeping who was opening the door.
and she went,
"eh, eh, eh.. arhhhhhhhhhh. why are you guys here????"
I turned to Kenny and he laughed.
"i thought she was in the room!!!"


Happy birthday, babe. I hope you enjoyed the Kantoi-ed surprise. hehe.

"it was really nice of u all to come. .. thanks!! I like the part u saw me caught you tiptoeing into my kitchen. hehe."

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