Wednesday, February 18

pang pue ki ong,

Wei,, where are you woh.. why always left me behind, making me so miserable like that? I need you to, you know, make me realize the reality, it's so cruel. or else, i would spend my life lepaking nia. it's hurt to being called, the fong fei kei Queen. 3 times 3 weeks. each time each week.

siao. sien.

come back to me please....

in case you simply do the thinking, i'm talking about my fear/panic/whatsoever feeling that could make me nervous.

it's getting serious when you do not do your part in your presentation in a group project basis.
"nahh,, sure the lec forget bout it"
"nahh... i think the lab cancel lor"
"eh, if i absent again, ma settle lor"

in the end, i kena tiao....."Pang pue ki ong"


Since i'm graduating soon, i really want to join as many activities as possible.. but the date always crashing.

Activity 1 : XploreRC (pre-lim 7-8March)
- possible to win first prize -RM1200 (nth is impossible)
-need stamina
-around UTP

Activity 2 : Camping, Taman Negara ( 7,8,9 March)
-expensive (RM220)
-it's in my list to go there!
-i afraid someone chung sek heng yao later and left me alone.

Which one to choose??? If only i can print money or the money grows on the tree. it wouldn't be so headache hor???


wait. i will blog on my vietnam and cambodia trip once i get the pics alright?

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  1. My colleague said there's an island in Vietnam called Palong Bae which is very scenic as surrounded by islands and mountains. Did you go there?