Monday, February 16

last prayer

Long long time ago, i never thought it could happen. not in my family. though they joked about it when i was very young. I never knew it would come true. Damn it.

Haih... sighh..

It has been our headaches ever since it happened for the past two years ago. We prayed for things to be better. We hid them from one another. We told lies, only God knows how hard it is to lie to someone whom we love so dearly. We, ignored. We, cried. We, our feelings turned numb. We are becoming heartless.

Basically, there is nothing that could be sadden than this. I doubt there is anything that could make me cry now. No. I think none. (Except im emo. lol)

Well, if this is the best solution from You, remember we prayed? we are all prepared. We are all ready.

Just cool everything down. We can't take any more. Let it all gone and STOP once you sign that paper.

La la la... another heartless statement from me.

What you expect me to say anymore?

p/s no more calls at the wee hours.
p/p/s no more heartattacks. we can't take any more.
p/p/p/s we love you.

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