Tuesday, February 24

weekends on KL again?

Spent my weekends at kl again, to have another celebration of laiyee's birthday with the gang at ampang look out point and helo bali. The lookout point is a nice place for couples i think, coz it's cozy and romantic? There are three restaurants there i think, the Gasoline, Bread and olive and another one not sure. We dined at B&O, but the food was alright, not my type btw. haha.
One part of the B&Othe view during sunset.the babes the guys.Keantat and gf.
harry and weiwei
the night view of KL
the B&O drink - layers of different fruit juice.
another night view. awesome isn't it?
pink top with black skirt and black top with pink skirt
another one
when it was too misty, can't see the KLCC.
so i went and asked the waiter.
"eh, mana klcc?"
"dia sedang tido"
funny isn't it?the pizza
LY and another cake.
so she is officially 44 years old.
double wishes too.
us. <3>
all except for harry.
who merajuk tak henti.
coz missed the sunset.

and then, party at the Helo Bali. Yeah, hello bali.!!! we are going bali soon.
managed to persuade shan san to come along. :)

shhh, i have a big secret to tell.
Harry was the one to get drunk.
and K.O the whole night.
vomited as well.
laugh at him now!
shan san, weiwei,laiyee
shan san and Catrina
the luckiest guy on earth!

I woke up at 2p.m today, after two sleepless night. LY,WW and me had pillow talk until 6 in the morning on friday night. It's been long since we talked about everything. It was great to share everything with you gurls. :) and LY is leaving this Thursday. But, she is coming back in June. Till then, we gonna cool down everything. muahahaha.

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