Monday, February 23

Day 5: Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a beach. We thought we could swim, sun-bathing or indulge in their night life like any other beaches somewhere else, but too bad, it's not the right timing. The waves was so did give me some fear of tsunami, seeing the waves up so high. Silly silly.
But before we found out that, we were so so excited. Quickly put our bags in the room and get changed. checkout hengchiang's kawaii shirt. We went for breakfast nearby and rented 4 bikes. We cycled fast enough to reach the beach less than 2 minutes. But seeing the waves two times my height, we went ZZZzzzzzzzz. How can swim like that? So, we planned plan B. there wasn't much we could do except cycling around to local attractions like the Long Son Pagoda, where the sleeping buddha and an enormous 9-meter high white buddha was built in 1963, Cham Po Nagar, the remnants from Champa Kingdom, Chong Promontory Rocks (will blog on this in separate post), and local markets. With the maps on our hands, we got lost a few times, but it was cool. We have plenty of time to get lost and whatsoever. Before noon, the weather was cold and nice, but once the sun says Hello, man, it was so hot to cycle. the traffic was not too bad, and it was very dusty as usual. Posing with bikes before we go! Erm, first destination was the Long Son Pagoda...once we reached,we were charged for RM1 per bike. lol. bike also need to pay for parking. Then, many kids coming after you, asking you to buy joss sticks from them...and they would say, "I approached you first, so u must buy from me. don't buy from her/him". I went blank. So, anyway, pics -- >
9-meter white,high buddha statue.
the sleeping buddha.
some poster in the templemonkoutside the temple.

i think it's a fishing village too

Oh, you must be wondering where are the pics of the Cham Po Nagar. We cycled quite a distance to get there.... however we didn't want to pay the entrance fee and another round of bike parking fee. We think, there's nothing special gua..... we are going AngkorWat leh, so this one,... no need to go la. hehe. Actually the truth was, we have not enough money. Remember that we were prepared for beach activity?we left our wallets, purse, money at the hotel. Therefore, we gave up visiting to this Cham, so that we could eat lunch. so cham. Oklah, till now.

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