Monday, March 9

As Lame As Ever

Every time i view my blog, createNewPost says
"click on me, click on me, tell the world you haven't done pangsai yet"

Every time i create a new post, addImage says
"click on me, click on me, show the world your stupid idiot pictures"

Every time i upload a new photo, theSnail says
"laoyah connection. save your time. *evil laugh*. I thought i was slow already, but your LANjiaos slower."

lame. lame. lame

It's March already and i haven't finish blogging on Vietnam, I can't wait to tell you that ... i think i better not reveal it now. Sorry, I won't tell you i tried balut in cambodia loh. I won't. Don't try to pujuk me. I won't tell you i almost vomited. You guys wait la until all my pictures can be uploaded.

Haiya, i know it's a very lame attempt. I know.

Oh ya, Haha (i will be using it to address TaThuHa) and i made a superb.salty dinner tonight. that Haha used salt to marinate the chickens as if she was trying to make salty fish. haha. (haha, if you're reading this, don't wtf wtf) haha.

haha made me a lame person.
her fault.
don't kill her, just make her F A T.
and i'll be skinny.

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  1. wah.. ur trip so long tat it is impossible to finish? so geng?