Tuesday, March 10

si Giant pembuli and salty chicken recipe.

Sham and ChuahZP were having fun in the class.
though they are both 21 and in final year already
they still behave like a small kids.

sham on the left while chuahzp on the right.
as we all know, he is a big bully.
just like Giant in doreamon comics.he was teasing her
he was drawing on her books
he took her pencil case
he... kacau her basically
she couldn't stand anymore,she took his phone
and he cried.
sham was helpless.
"aneh, come la, let's be friends"
"i give back your phone"
phone and pencil case exchanging in process.
they became friends again.
kids, really kids.
laughing their ass off.


the rice cooker(most left) i borrowed from Wensher. thanks a lot dear. :)

* The making of the salty chicken *

put lotsa salt and soya sauce(wtf,double salty) and little sugar
stir and wait for 5 minutes

pour oil into the rice cooker.
wtf, we really fried it with rice cooker.
the superb.salty chicken.
looks tempting or not?
easy breezy salty
oh, thats haha.

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