Friday, March 6

Best Quiz Ever

The Quiz just now was Even though it was an open book quiz, but the QA was We were discussing the questions and answers and he came by and asked, "Is that a discussion? He he he he he". We giggled and nodded, and continued on. He continued laughing and at one time, he heard ZP arguing the answer with us. He came and told ZP to follow his own heart, yucks. so gay. haha

Before we submitted our papers, we even summarized our answer. Sham read it out loud and we checked on our papers. Oh man, final year students so kiasu and kiasi. kennot accept.

LOL. it would be so much fun and great if final year without the final year project. Definitely.
Going to stay in UTP for the long weekends to finish up the piling FYP, assignments and projects and study for tests before it's too late. Hope the internet connection will be better to allow me to do some researches later.

That's one thing that i miss and feel like playing it now. Mahjong!!!! KPC and BCL, when do you guys want to donate some $$ so that i can do my laundry here???

Ah, can't wait to go PM later. it's been months since i last ate the siu mai. :)

Yakin Boleh this Sunday. That's my group name btw for the XplorRC. Hik hik hik. YEAY.

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