Wednesday, March 4


After one of the mamak session the other night, i became very curious on my ancestor's origin.

You see, ChuahZP's grandfather swam here to Msia from China got married to his grandmother of course. He is, why i think still very typical chinaMan because he's the third generation from China. He even went back to his hometown in China with his brother two years ago and met his relatives.

In addition to that, his roommate, ChuahCK, who share the same surname says he's from Fujian province too, although his hokkien is equivalent to ChuahZP's cantonese (inside joke). I think they might be relatives. How cool is that, huh?

All this while, i knew i am originated from LongYan (not longan), also Fujian Province, China. Full Stop.

I went back home and interviewed my aunt and daddy. They told me my greatgrandfather came to M'sia when he was a teenager and married to my greatgrandmother, as usual. But, he was already married before he came here, but not sure if he has any children or not. O.O. Can u imagine anyone could be my relatives if they were to have children there. No wonder they say the world is so small. I just happened to know my greatgrandmother is a Nyonya. How cool is that?

Wow, out of a sudden, i have this eager to explore the root of my family. You and I could be related.

p/s. In UTP itself, i have two people connected to me.
1. XiaoQi's father and my father are cousins.
2. Wai Boon's grandmother and my grandmother are sisters.

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  1. your greatgrandma is NYONYA, who else came to your mind? i might be related to you!