Wednesday, March 11

Something to think about!

I think i shouldn't reveal the identity of them. So, let's just use A for the guy and Z for the girl alright?

A and Z are getting married next month. A is 22 turning 23 while Z is 18 turning 19. The reason of their marriage is because Z got pregnant.

I respect them for keeping the baby because it's a sense of responsibility that they must take for doing something stupid at young age. But don't get me wrong. I am not supporting abortion. But the fact is that, A is hardly earning much to support himself, what's more starting a family which expecting a baby soon? Not to mention, I don't think they are mature enough to be parents.

They only know each other and the dating process doesn't longer than a year. How much understanding developed within that period?

As far as i am concern, A is still flirting around and he is hiding this from his wife-to-be. He said he would like to have the baby more than the mother. How much do you think this guy loves his wife?

Since the wedding is coming, he doesn't really care about the preparation. I pitied his parents for the hard work. Almost all the money comes from the relatives. His mother is very worried about their future, because he starts to complaint about his nasty wife.

Anyway, i am hoping that he will change, for the family or at least for the baby.

Actually, the main reason i put up this post is because the little talk i had with his mother. It's still playing in my head.

"Teng, i don't know if they will last long. He has no planning. He only paid me RM150 for something which he said will pay RM300. You see lah, how to start a family like that? I'm very heartbroken"

so, there are three conclusion.

1. There is no poor people around unless you're lazy. Because no matter how bad you are at studying, you can always be successful. You can be a successful somebody if you put in extra effort.

2. Don't get yourself into troubles committing in premarital sex. If you do, please be safe. Better don't!

3. Please PLAN. plan for your future, work it out! I always hate people without planning, at least save up some money while you can! you will never know when will you need it!

May God bless their marriage!!

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  1. 1. agree, but sometimes luck also very important.
    2. agree, it's a nightmare to stuck up with someone u dun like , bless them for the courage !
    3. not agree, my plan is no plan! i'm afraid of planning too far coz tomorrow might not come !