Wednesday, March 11

Day 6: Nha Trang (still!)

After the visit to the Chong Promontory Rocks in the morning, we were left with more than 8 hours before our bus to HoChihMinhCity departs. Since we have cycled around the towns a day before and tried almost all the delicious local food we were undecided where to go. Therefore, we took the challenge to visit to the salt farm which is around 20-30km away, according to the local people.
In our MOTOR!30KM... hmm, so we predicted we could reach within an hour like that because our motor can't speed!!! The fastest we could is 60KM/H. The first half of the journey was exciting and the scenery was breathtaking. The view of endless sea on your right and mountains on your left. 有山有海。Zheng! thumbs up!!
blue ocean
high mountains.

Ya' know what? We didn't have a full map with us. So, we just rode along the seaside because the sea farm should be near the sea. So, yala, follow the sea should be alright. RIGHT?

For the first 15 minutes, we were amazed by the beautiful scenery of course.
wahhh, see that island!
wahh, see that mountain!!!
wahh, see got couple paktoring!
so jealous
camwhored under the hot sun!

However, the rest of the journey, we couldn't wait to reach the damn salt farm!! our butts were stick on the seats for more than 30 minutes under the hot sun. We felt a little uneasy as we couldn't read the sign boards like there is. We totally forgot about the name of place so we can't stop and ask anyone. Plus, we can't speak their language. So,we just move on, reassuring ourselves we're getting there SOON. Then we could swim at the beaches nearby, which according to him (the one who told us, it's only 30KM away) we can swim there!!!!
We continued admiring the scenery and talking in order to distract our tiredness . We sang, we gossiped, we almost did everything. Then, we reached a village. A fishing village.There are many bamboo fishing boats along the road, i think the fisherman has called it a day. It's already 3p.m, so i think they should have done with fishing. The big round round boats is handmade. I saw some villagers doing it while passing by them. Wow, such a nice handcraft right? It could support people and most of all, it floats in water.I wonder if i sit in, will it overturned. Heh. Wanted to try it, but just didn't find any place which offers this service. We thought, we're nearing to our destination because at least we see human, after so long ride along the mountains and sea.
We were very eager to visit to the salt farm, because I have never seen one, and it's educational right? We missed out so many tourist attractions, so we didn't want to miss this too!
Our hope totally crashed when we came to a busy road, with a lot of big vehicles passing by you in a narrow road. It was pretty scary and hard to balance ourselves when the big lorry zoomed beside you in fast speed. Imagine, driving a motor along the PLUS highway but only one lane each side, and no emergency lanes. Scarry.Then we passed by this building where looked like a tourist spot, we decided to stop and ask the people inside. Actually the conversation was pretty funny, because both of us don't really understand each other. Anyway, based on our understanding, the salt farm is still 20 KM away. WTH. We have traveled for 1 hour and to be told the salt farm is another 20km? We gave up. So, we just hang around this place, which is agency which brings tourists to another island like Monkey Island. It was too late to join any of their trips.
We rest ourselves at the jetty. (Before we left for the ride, we told them (the boys) to bring along the snacks and food so that we can picnic there(the salt farm!))
"hungry, bring out the snacks!!"We didn't bring. We left it at the hotel.
Very heavy looorrrr


We took some pictures and left the place because it's getting late.
We have a bus to catch.
And we got lost in our way back.
I was taking a pic of this :

"when i'm old, i want to stay like this. Bela ayam, tanam jagung"
joking lah.
i love this. <3>
Heng Chiang was trying to "drift" in his imaginative car.
Yeah, yeah, reaching reaching!
and it also showed that our moto can't speed.
always behind them.
Once we reached the town, we faster go to this place, where it's famous for it's Banh Xie.
Banh Xie,
the vietnamese aunty.

and last picture of this post
is a picture of Siewloong with wings!
But he's no angel.
for sure!

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