Thursday, April 2


I was sweet innocent 18 years old.
First week in UTP
That's the pic for my matrix card
Can't believe it's already 4 years here!!

Four years has passed, just like a blink of eyes.

I felt it was just like few weeks ago i unpacked my belongings into the room at old v5 and taken that picture above. I still remember vividly the scene in the security room at the pocket D. I went earlier with Carina and some friends to have our pictures taken. We were pushing each other to go first. "Remember to smile big big!", "Open your eyes bigger lah", "Eh, boleh ambik sekali lagi tak?".I still remember the first girls talk in my room ended up in disasters. Shall not discuss further.

I still remember the surprise party we gave to sharon(18th). Carina and me put on an act. We were both arguing and quarreling and asked Nancy(Sharon's roommate) to go get her down to dissolve the matter. No practice, no storyline, no script. It was really funny that we ran out of idea to scold at each other and ended up accusing each other for stupid matters like;
You used my highlighter!
You ate my bread!!
You ate my peanut butter jam!!!
We almost busted into laughters, but had to hold on until keehui and pangkor bring out the cake. Sharon reaction was, "WTF.... CB!!!" chase after carina. Sweat!
Sharon's 20th birthday.

I still remember there was once in the shower room during foundation2, i ajak Carina go Ipoh... to watch midnight movie i think. We went to pump the tyre at the petronas station in the campus, magu, it was spoilt and my tyre went flat! Had to change spare tyre and drive to the gas station at taman maju. 1 hour passed and when we're ready to go, guess what? chui kun. Temperature too high, smokes coming out... Parked the car at the main gate and walked back. Sigh. Random trip. Maybe it was signs from above, who knows we might get into accident. Choi, touch wood!
2007, random supper at McD

I still remember the birthday surprises you guys gave me. celebrated 3 times here in UTP.2006 was crazy. Everyone was down my block, hiding. Carina was laughing when Keehui called me go downstairs. -.-" , actually the trend in UTP is, once the clock strikes 12, you gonna have a birthday surprises.2007, lesser people but still a surprise? hehe
2008, legal age already. sure celebrate at the club? I'm really glad for the planning and all. Well, i did act a little surprise. :)

Join treasure hunts for so many times. Each time also say, "Can win this time". Apalah, cannot win one. Ishh.. next semester gonna be my last treasure hunt in UTP. Better win big money this time, or else... Quit lah. LOL

Err... what was my topic just now? oh, 4 years has passed. Yalah, 4 years passed so fast i can't remember how many hairstyles i have changed, but i remember what i have done. It was just like yesterday lah, i got my first summon by the pakguard. I moved my bed to carina's. *Pointless post*

Wow, i did so many things in UTP!!! Carina babe, i miss you!


Happy birthday Mr Joshua Ling and Chai Kian Chiew and Mr Tan Kean Tat

Joshua Ling 23 years old
Civil Engineer
Famous for "Magu"
Single and Available (hp# upon request)
Chai Kian Chiew
Famous for the mole with hair. :)
In a relationship


  1. well... innocent.. yes.. on top of that, it looks much better than the 21 ... hahaha.. :P .. u want a proof? hmm.. back at 18, u got a bf.. now, u dun.. :P (no offend, just kidding)

  2. oh i miss u so so so much too!!!~~