Monday, April 20

Coming Soon Part II

See i didn't manipulate the word "coming soon". Coming soon is actually coming soon; and it is a thai horror movie!

If you have watched shutter or 4bia before, this movie is from the same producer too! Hence, the "tahap ketakutan" is actually HIGH compared to those lame stupid idiot horror movie like DarkWater (according to saf) or ju on( my friends and i actually laughed when the ju on crawling on the floor, haha).

Back to the movie, basically we all think that it's a scary movie though. (Ok fine, after the whole movie, when you have time to analyze the story line, then you might think it's pretty stupid story line) BUT DURING THE 2 HOURS MOVIE, i can't wait for the movie to end, and i wanted to leave the cinema after 1o minutes the movie started.... I told you i screamed my lungs out and the guys were actually "THANK GOD IT HAS ENDED" at the end.

C'mon, i challenge you to watch it!


  1. babi lah u. have you watched it??
    HAVE YOU>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    u're just jealous, aren't you?

  2. haha.. nice, nice.. shutter was nice.. looking forward to watching it.. haha

  3. hey, bring keantat along to watch with you. he says that it's not scary at all! haha

  4. mai tua sia lo hahah..wa e hi ya thia..translate this if ur hokkien geng...haha :P

  5. stupid. u think my hokkien palia??

    u said, don't be too loud, my ears are in pain.


    siao kia ah buey kua ai kong wa pian lang... hahahha