Tuesday, April 21

What's wrong with this?

I went to collect my exam slip last week and i realized they(Registration unit) missed out two subjects for my final examination. Crazy right? I registered 6 subjects but they only printed 4 subjects. The person in charge asked me to go to the Registration Unit NEXT WEEK to do the correction. But being kiasu and kiasi, i went to the Registration Unit the day after tomorrow together with my registration form as proof in case they don't want to entertain my case. But that's not what i want to highlight here, but this:

"Admission & Registration Unit counter will be closed on 14-17 APRIL 2009. ALL STAFF are involved with Educamp. Any ENQUIRY please refer to EXAM UNIT. ... Thank you"

And i walked to the EXAM UNIT hoping to get some help or anything, but i saw this notice pasted on the door!!!!
"EXAMINATION & RECORDS UNIT counter will be CLOSED on 15 & 16 APRIL 2009. ALL STAFF are involved with distribution of exam slip at the Multipurpose Hall. OUR service will resume as usual on 17 APRIL 2009. ... Thank you"

Although i have been notified to do my correction next week, but i am laughing at the way they directing their responsibilities to the other department. In the end, we're being fooled and they're being laughed!



  1. aiyah, every school works the same way, i started to wonder is it everyone in M'sia service sector work like this, 0 dedication and 0 commitment to their job, as if we are serving them more than they serving us ... no wonder they trap with their pathetic job forever ... lol

  2. yes, it's very indeed the truth. lenggang lenggang and give u wtf attitude! shitty