Sunday, April 12

My roommates

Please note the plural. roommates

Earlier of the semester, i have only one roommate, who is a pretty and petite Mechanical Final Year student, Debbie. I don't have her photo. NVM, Let me go grab her photo from FB first. Okay done!
Few weeks later, i have another 2 roommates. A pair of loving couple. Though it's a female hostel, we have no choice but to let him stay in because he refused to leave, he doesn't want to be parted with his wife. So. Shh, don't tell the authority ya.


One night, my roommate caught them doing naughty stuff. Weeks later, we suspect snowy was pregnant as she definitely put on weight and very chubby! Few weeks later, she gave birth to SIX baby hamsters!!!!!! THREE white (like mummy) and THREE Grey (like daddy). However one died of drowning (White). T_T. Next time remember to remove the water container from the cage ya, the baby might crawled into it.
the naughty parents!

One of the baby
the other 4 babies sucking milk from the mother.
Can u spot the babies???
like father, like son!
so tiny and cute!!!

Can you count how many roommates i have now? :) So proud to be their God-mother. haha

p/s: sorry for the low quality of the pictures.

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