Sunday, April 12

Time flies faster than flies fly

Shit shit shit!
Today's Sunday.
It's 12 April 2009!
I woke up at 12.30pm and it's already 3.00pm as i am typing this.

God, please bless my Final Year Project.

I think I am the most lazy student around here. Besides saying, "Shit, the due date is this coming Friday", "I am the dumbest people in finding articles/journals for my project", "I am so out of time", "I am stupid" in short, I don't see myself doing anything for the project.

But seriously, i think i am really very bery muchi dumb in researching and i hate researching so very bery muchi.

Hah, I guess my study luck is decreasing.

If someone wants to pray for prosperity, they go for Choi San aka Chai Sen.
What about to pray for studies? Which temple to go?

UTPians, don't forget to collect your exam slip this Tuesday (14/4) or Wednesday(15/4).

SEE, i told you time flies faster than flies fly!

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