Thursday, April 16

Raymond Chow Chee Seng!


When i view my blog this morning, i think even blind man will notice that it's Raymond's Birthday. Don't believe? See this!

So, from my observation, Tan Kean Tat was the first the posted the post, followed by first runner up, Kok Poh Cheong and third placing was the bday boy's darling, kahyee babe. However i guess there is no prizes for the winners, unless the bday boy decided to bring back some souvenirs from Sabah.

Despite the freaking long essay Keantat posted, despite the customized birthday card Pohcheong made or he probably googled, despite the lovely messages kahyee wrote (but where are the THREE important words?)...... I have ... I want to say that in fact/actually/the truth is....


Heh!! LOL.

He's my kindergarden mate. However, i can't recall who talked to who first or did we play together, but we were in the same class.... Once classmate, forever classmate! :P

Oklah, jokes aside.

To my dear kindergarden mate, Raymond Chow Chee Seng.

Happy birthday!!!!!!! Happy sweet 22!!!!!!!

I have a secret to tell you.
Kahyee is desperately waiting for you to propose! ;P So don't let her wait too long yah!
all the best in your future undertakings!!!

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