Wednesday, April 15

stupid idiot baffalo V

This semester i am taking Financial Accounting and the same lecturer who taught me Management Accounting last year is the lecturer. She was very lenient and she prepared her test 1 based on the tutorial questions.

And so, i thought it would be the same thing, i did my financial accounting's tutorial papers and that's it! La la la la la. In fact i didn't even focus on the tutorial papers because i was so proud i scored an A for accounting in my SPM.

I did pretty bad on test 1 because she didn't even set the questions based on the tutorial questions!!!! DEAD.

For question 2 we were required to prepare an income statement. INCOME STATEMENT!!! PENYATA PENDAPATAN!!! OMFG, that was so easy but but, i totally forgot about the format.

And then today,

Lecturer: Okay, i am going to give back your test paper...I was quite disappointed with your results for this test because the questions were so easy. Only 1 student scored full while the rest were average. What's funny was there are many new accounts created that i have never heard off. .......

and that person who created the unknown new account was ME!! I was banging my head on the wall since morning and will continue banging...


  1. lol, i'm also havin FA paper next week, hope i'm not stupid idiot buffalo like u ....

  2. good luck. make sure u don't create nonsense accounts. LOL