Thursday, April 9

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Deng! why time passes so fast? You guys agree or not?

***** ******* ****** ******

Double Deng!
It's Thursday night. Feeling a little down today, maybe due to the a huge compilation of works to be done A.S.A.P but just can't find the right mood to do it. (Okay, i admit i'm lazy asslee)

I tried therapies.

Ice cream,

Fail fail fail! They just can't lit me up. Grrrhhh...

Wait, then i thought of clubbing. Calling and calling, no one wants to go. Those who wants to go already in Ipoh. KNNCCB. Geram geram!!! (As i was typing this two words, geram geram, laiyee pm-ed me telling me she is geram too!)

Sigh, it was always our dream to stay together after SPM. But too bad, we are very scattered around the map. Laiyee in Korea, YokeHoon in Terengganu, Weiwei in KL, Kahyee in Kampar and me in this tronoh. Life must be wonderful if we could be housemates, doing all the activities together like cooking, mopping the floor, cleaning the house, pillow talks every night, sharing clothes, clubbing and all other stupid things like quarreling, cat fights and backstabbing! I know it will happen if we see each other 24/7.

Oh, i just thought of one last therapy. COCA COLA! chao! go buy first.


Whoaa... it really works!
I'm back to my work now.

You know how a can of coke works on me?

1) Put in the coins into the vending machine.
2) Put the can of coke into the fridge for a while, like 1 minute or more. (Or add ice, and salt even better!!)
3) Open it and glup glup glup. Drink as fast as you can.
4) Open your mouth to burp.
5) Continue on till the last drop.
6) Burp as loud as you can!

The satisfaction you get from burping is terrific! Oh man, it's like orgasm. hik hik hik. Try it when you're down. :)

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