Friday, April 10

Come and stare at your feet!!!

1) Is your legs
long, lean and smooth
your legs are short relative to your body

a)When legs are long, lean and smooth, this suggests the person will enjoy a smooth sailing life with few obstacles. You are an active, hardworking and helpful person. You are likely to have a very good life before your thirties. After 39, your life depends on other destiny indicators.

b)When your legs are short relative to your body, this suggests you are smart, attentive and quiet. You prefer jobs which do not require you to deal with too many people. You face some obstacles before your thirties, but after that your luck improves tremendously for the better.

2) When you walk, your feet go in a

a) sprayed / V shape (kangkang like that)b) inward / ^ shape (close)

a)It suggest you are a busybody. You can be more into other people’s business than your own. You love to show off to others and are usually very talkative.
b)It suggest they are low profile, preferring the stable life rather than taking risks.

3) Is Your feet

a) bony
b) meaty and smooth

a) It suggests a poor person. Life has many difficulties and it is a struggle to make life go smoothly. So do try to fatten up your feet. Nothing like good fleshy feet to bring the good life.
b) It suggests you will become very prosperous and rich. It is also an indication that such a person’s family is rich, belonging to the privileged class.

4) Is your toenails
a)round in shape and smooth,
b)sharp in shape

a) especially if you are a woman, this suggests you will marry a rich husband.
b) it suggests you are the black sheep of the family. You love to spend money but are lazy to work; it indicates a lack of great achievement in life.

5) Are your toes
c)meaty and uneven in size

a) this suggests you are a responsible and honest person. People with tiny toes are said to make good spouse material.
b)this suggests you are a leader. You can be a very stubborn person, hot tempered and possessive, but you can arouse great passion in others.
c)it suggests you have luck to own property and enjoy good fortune. You have the potential to become a property tycoon.

6)Are your feet
, ( size 8 and above for men and size 7 and above for women)
b)small (size 6 and below for men and size 5 and below for women)

a)this indicates you are a “survivor”. You can deal with any kinds of problems, setbacks, obstacles or difficult people. You are decisive and can provide strong leadership.
b) you should take good care of your nose or breathing system. You are mature and prudent but should learn to overcome your jealous nature and tendencies, as they could bring about your downfall or be a major source of unhappiness.

7)Which of your toes is the longest
a) middle toe
b) second toe

a) it is not a good indication as it suggests your destiny could turn irksome middle age. You could suffer from a perpetual shortage of money and face obstacles that block your success.
b)this suggests you will have plenty of food on the table and plenty of friends around you. You impress others with your good heart, so many will speak well of you. But you need to work hard to maintain your increasingly extravagant lifestyle.

8) Is your color of your toes
a)milky white and transparent
b) grey
c) reddish

The colour of your toes can not only indicate the condition of your health, it can also indicate your potential for wealth.

a)Toes which are milky white and transparent suggest you will have a stable life.
b)Grey toes suggest you will have a tough life.
c)The best colour however is reddish, which suggest someone rich and successful.

Thanks to Seangyik for sharing this with us! Is it true? I hope it's bloody accurate.... :P

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