Sunday, April 5

When you say Baffalo, I say

Idiot! or Stupid to you back!

Kind of irony isn't it?
HaHa : Buffalo!
Me : Idiot!
HaHa : =..=
There are a few of people call me buffalo. And i call them back either stupid or idiot. :P Or they scold me idiot, i scold them stupid buffalo.

Wait. some people call me fucker too.
HaHa: hv to finish my progress
or else my sv kill me
me: really?
thats great
HaHa: ya
im always great
what cha doing
me: i mean it's great if he kills u
HaHa: fuckerthen i'll a a ghost to haunt u
But, I have told her many many times not to use fucker on me, because i don't fuck. i don't have penis. she just refuse to learn. Sigh

Yippee, that's me and the hamper, which is meant to be shared among THREE people. Being good girl, i only took the corntoz snack and a tupperware on the bottom. :) my face red, because of sunburn.
After red means brown. geezz
By the way, are you guys interested to know to what is XploRC and what are the games played?

Here, another picture of my toe. Should i use a needle and poke the blood out or just let it be like that? (doctor, is this cancerous/dangerous?) It's the shoes and the running. Speaking of running, i have prepaid run which is enough to credited until end of this year. What is prepaid run? Lol, if you taking/taken accounting, prepaid means in advance like prepaid rent. You pay a large sum of money to the landlord enough to be deducted every month for rental until end of the year. Don't ask me to jog anymore!!!
Many people say that three of us have the same hairstyle, MaiChiDo, another coursemate of mine is not in the picture. Deh, bob hair nice ma right? like dr. bob. He's a cool lecturer i tell you. When we won the discussion/argument, he went and sing "you can put the blame on me". He really sang with the microphone on. But sarcastic tone lah.
The other day, it was raining cat, dogs and buffalo. Extremely heavy and windy. My roommate say, eh, so strong ar the wind. you see you see (point outside the window). Her bf pm her and say "wtf, the roof tiles are flying". Hmm.. Maybe exaggerate a bit, but it was very tornado feel. :/

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  1. roof tiles really flying at v5 hostel near basketball court~ muahaha