Wednesday, May 13

End of story

I gave up explaining that there were no one beside us that night. Yeah i saw a girl wearing tudung too, but if you clicked the picture and enlarged it further then allow me to ask, where's the body? Huhu. Oklah, tired of explaining already.

Actually when i was busy explaining myself, i felt like i am some nuisance girl convincing that the girl in the picture was some dirty/lasam/kotor thing. I feel so stressed out when people do not buy my words, and telling me i am creating some hoax. I feel so stressed out when people don't see what i saw. Aiyer, i better stop protesting it or else someone might bring me into mental ward, claiming that i'm gila already. Shit, somehow i totally believe that this kind of scenario does happen in out society. If you remember history, Galileo sentenced for believing the sun is the center of universe. SEE, the sun is really the center of the universe what.

Somehow in this world, we are forced to be the ordinary Joes. If you are extraordinary, then people would accuse you as crazy and locked you up in the ward. Like in the Changeling, Angelina Jolie was being forced to take medicine and put into the ward when she protested that the little boy that the government found wasn't hers. . . .

End of story.


  1. so what is the conclusion?? hehe.. I still can't figure it out. what I concern the most is not the picture of that girl cos even though u mentioned that no one can walk behind u, i still think that it's possible. Maybe a bunch of people were walking there but u didn't notice them. U asked where her body is? Hmm.. I think it's hidden because it seems to me that there's a guy standing next to you wearing black shirt. Can you see his shoulder there? What i concern the most is whose hand is that? Let's say there's one guy standing next to you, but it seems to me that he doesn't raise his hand. oh man.. still can't figure it out...

  2. i have no conclusion. But i somehow think that both the hand and the lady very suspicious, not real to me somehow. Davuth, i have no solid answer for you, if you believe in God then i suppose you do believe in ghost. Well, it's something that unexplainable to humans. Haha, so holy suddenly. :P

  3. Nonsense lar...that's king of cool! Confirmed!

  4. yeah.. i believe in ghost, but I dun think your case is a ghost.. hehe. you are not lucky enough to see the ghost.. haha.. if you look at it carefully, I believe that it's the hand of the guy standing next to you. Must be that guy! It's just that the picture is unclear plus it's quite dark. hehe.. u better check it out again.. and that lady, no need to explain cos she's definitely a human. haha.. have u ever seen the photo that has ghost inside?? normaly, the ghost won't turn away.. the ghost will look straight to the camera.. haha.. but at this case, the girl was having some fun.. huhu!! so.. is my explanation clear enough?? :D

  5. hey man, how many ghost pictures have you seen? and how many of them are from your friends? I mean, c'mon, most of the ghost are standing straight facing the camera doesn't mean ALL the ghost will do the same thing. (What the crap am i saying here). Well, i think if you were there that night then you would understand why i thought that way, maybe thats why Chemhoster agreed with me, cox he was there.