Wednesday, May 13

When will i stop eating and start focusing?


If only i could program myself.

studytime = eatingtime ^2;
focusOnStudy = EatingLeisure ;
Exercise = Blogging;

along the way, the more unhealthy snack gets double points namely :
- Pringles
- keropok roda
- sotong bakar X 2
- Raisins
- Yogurts
- Mango
- Tomyam campur
- Corn
- Telur dadar
- Twisties
- etc, etc, etc.

This is the most torturous exam ever. I wonder what has gone wrong. Tell me. Is it because of the bloody eight months internships that eventually sucked all my study mood or what? Oh God, please let me has at least B+ for tomorrow's paper. Please!

This is more sickening that anything i ever encountered.


  1. come on... u're lazy and that's the reason... how come u blame it on the internship?? hehe.. it's u who is lazy urself... :P best of luck for u anyway.. ;)

  2. I know u experience the same thing too... just admit it yo! :P