Wednesday, May 20


Hachiteng.hachiteng.hachiteng. sounds like sneeze (ha chiiii) and the name of a extremely beautiful girl - Teng. Haha. >.<

Kinda suay today. the very smart me left my car key in the car. Huhuhuhu. So i took a stone and hit the window lor to take my car key and drove back without window and many flies/bugs/mexicos mosquitoes went into my eyes. T_T....

Define Privacy - room that has many windows and no one should be allowed to open/close/touch the windows unless given permission to do so. Everyone has rooms and that's his/her privacy.

sorry, too much crapping as the result of the Corporate Ethics paper this morning. But the car key left in the car part is true story. 100% absolutely no lying. With using only a XXX i pushed open the car's knob (got such thing or not?) and now the door can't be open from inside FML. Huhu. Grrrh....
(One of my ambition when i was little is

Teng & Chi

After 2 hours of singing session, we went to Sushi King to have dinner. Sigh, the standard really drops tremendously and really bad compare to others like Sakai Sakae.


No one is allowed to take any pictures/videos during our concert because it's truly private and tickets should be bought in order to watch us perform. double wtf.

I think it's really great going singing with them because they let me sing the whole song.... apparently because i'm singing malay and chinese songs. Hoho.

But the truth is they are very good at singing and singing along with me would only bring them to shame... (bodek kao kao) You see Ha so cute and Chi so pretty you know they are potential Twins to be for vietnamese. Hehe. Eh wait.

S.H.E better?
Sarangheyooooo <3>


  1. i don't know what u r talking about.. is it the result of CE this morning????

  2. sorry, the consequences of too much crapping for the CE. :P which part you do not understand?

  3. she means "which part u understand actually?"

  4. "whistle blowing is the act of blowing a whistle"
    btw: the black n white pic is nice (taken by me) hohoho

  5. wtf, is that so hard not to understand a simple post like that?


  6. I agree! Sushi King's standards have dropped so drastically. Erggh.

  7. yes, sushi king sucks. but no choice Ipoh doesn't have sakae yet, and the damn East Sushi closed it's business.