Saturday, May 23


Halo (I can't think of any title), i'm now at my sis's home at Kepong staring at my notes and books, reluctant to study for my last two papers next week. I just came back from an event organized by MAS which announce the winners of the The Great Escapade. Remember i blogged about the great escapade to Italy and the Stimulus Packages offered by MAS? yes that was actually a contest and too bad i didn't win any prizes. Hehe.

Well, everyone in that dinner was bloggers obviously and somehow i think is very looooonng and what not, harder to spell it to people or read it loud.

What's your blog? ---> Yes he was there!!

What's your blog? --> Yes she was there too.

What's your blog? --->so easy to remember!

What's your blog? --->WTF

Sigh, but i think it's wtfly unique isn't it? Who agrees that i should change my blog's name please raise up your hand, i have Spirit's eye, i can see through the walls. wtf. but seriously, please comment and give suggestion? Thank you in advance. *puppy eyes*

Oh, i'm so excited now because i'll be flying off to Rome this coming Thursday and saf told me the euro is increasing. How could it be? I thought swine flu... oh wait, i see the picture now. It's the States that people are avoiding, not the UK. Oh shit! No wonder it increases. Damn.

I hope my flu and sore throat will heals tomorrow. Oh, i met rotarian Authur in the train just now and he told me it's good to give something to the people you meet today. He gave me a wish and i would like to pass it down to my readers too.

Your wish will come true this year!

Positive thinking people, it's the law of attraction. :) Good nite and sweet dreams!


  1. yeah.. u should change ur blog name... m raising up my hand right now.. :)

  2. Yes davuth i shall change it to eh? haha

  3. duh!!!! no la... still hard to read... hahah...