Friday, May 22

Why do you blog?

I have this question stuck in my mind for very long time, even when i started to blog in my friendster back then and i have the urge to find the answer now after I installed the Widget from the Nuffnang in my blog.

Why do I blog?
The reasons revolved over time.
Back then, i blog because it's like my little diary where i write all the ups and downs in my life, well, basically all downs because when i am happy i don't bother to write about it. Hoho, it's a way for me to channel all my emotions, feelings especially during the moody and depression.

And then i blog because i want to share my experiences with my friends, or update them but most of them do not blog (laiyee,ww,yh) or read blogs as far as i am concerned. Hehe. and then someone told me the way i write my blog is funny and entertaining and their words give me motivation to keep writing. (my sis and bro)

But the downside of blogging is that sometimes you still cannot be yourself in expressing your thoughts and dissatisfaction because you might not know who is reading your blog. My friend's mom read her blog and started to get worry about her. (Ooo, if my parents know about this blog i going to kill myself)

Sometimes i feel great that i own this blog because it's my own territory. It's like my place where i hide myself from the reality. Or write nonsense that no one could understand besides myself. It's a place where i kill my time, by refreshing thousands of time to check any update. Hoho.

So, why do you blog?


  1. hmm... for me, I blog because I want to... hehe.. I share many of the reasons u mention about. I write blog because it's the place that I can throw all my emotion there. When I'm not happy, I blog so that to get comments from my friends and cheer myself up. I also blog as a diary, journal or whatever u may say. I feel that when I check the posts that I uploaded long ago, it makes me happy. hehe.. sometimes i feel that "oh.. did I do that??" hehe.. and one more thing, I blog because I want to keep in touch with my friend. Sometimes, long distance relationship is so hard. Chatting is nice, but who would be there to chat with us all the time? That's why blogging is the best way to keep in touch!

  2. It was always about the writing for me. Doesn't matter what it is exactly I write about, my blog's just there for me to rant and vent and if there are people out there who find it useful as a way for them to bridge themselves to the happenings of and in my life then; well and good (: