Monday, May 11

Kiam Pak

11:56 PM ChuahChongKian: plz plz plz
CE tips
me: i dunhave
wtf are u studying for ce now?
ChuahChongKian: why?
why not?
11:57 PM me: ce paper is next week
ChuahChongKian: oh?
11:58 PM then this week?
what paper?
me: how i know urs
11:59 PM ChuahChongKian: that's y
i am proud to announce to u
i dun have any paper this week
until next wed
12:00 AM me: i see i see
good lah
ChuahChongKian: hehehehe
what to do
12:01 AM tomorrow u have paper?
12:02 AM me: yah
12:04 AM ChuahChongKian: hehe
after that?
me: thurs

6 minutes
12:11 AM ChuahChongKian: kelian

35 minutes
12:47 AM ChuahChongKian: studying hard?
12:48 AM me: not really
ChuahChongKian: need to study hard lo
12:49 AM me: yes daddy
ChuahChongKian: dun do other stuffs lo
if got people disturb u also dun care about them lo
me: liike?
ChuahChongKian: like got people pm u ar
trying to disturb u ar
me: nolo
12:50 AM ChuahChongKian: no then it's good
really one la
if got people keep on disturbing u
try to gtalk u
and distract u ar
u dun give face
12:51 AM me: yes daddy
ChuahChongKian: slap them
if can
hold their neck
and swing their head
dun give face
those people who disturb others through gtalk
12:52 AM is unforgivable one
me: ok
ChuahChongKian: especially those who talk lines and lines of crap one ar
with no point what so ever one
12:53 AM me: ok
ChuahChongKian: those who keeps on talking non-stop one
even though other has already started ignoring them by 'ok'
12:54 AM and 'ok'
me: ok
ChuahChongKian: can slap them and kick their a**
really one
me: ok
ChuahChongKian: dun cheat u one
boh pian lu
need to slap them they only stop one
they are too free
12:55 AM nothing to do one
me: yes im too free too
please visit to my blog
ChuahChongKian: cannot
i am very busy one
what i mean is those who disturb u
they are too free

Wish me luck please. I am going to sleep on my notes and text book under my pillow, TheZeroCoolJim says it works. Hoho. Good luck and all the best (my fav line and carina will always add this) YOU HAVE MY FULLEST SUPPORT. hehe.

1) Exam Slip
2) Matrix card
3) Stationaries
4) Toyol Calculator


  1. Kian memang suke cakap lebat...
    bukan mudah housemate dengan kian

  2. Go and Pak Yi lar ...

    if he does that on me, his bak jiu zha zha oh che liao...

    kong qio kong qio lar...

  3. nuriman - tolong saya hamtam sama dia. heheehe

    pangkor - u kin kin come back and help me pak yi. no need to kong qio one.