Monday, May 11

Quite interesting random post

Refreshing my blog for zillions of time to check if
  • someone else updated their blogs
  • someone left any message on my chatterbox
  • someone left any comment
Though i have nothing in my mind to write, but I feel incomplete and uneasy if i do not update my blog then i can't focus on my revisions then there goes my second paper this thursday.

However it's not like when i update i could study well also. I somehow believe this is the syndrome you get if all you have a blog and when the wireless is CONNECTED and all you get is an excellent signal strength as claimed but you can't load your hotmail account. If you're facing this problem, please subscribe the celcom jalur lebar (broadband wtf) from me for the price of RM68 per month or more. (hehe, marketing skills) I have one but being the good little sister, i borrow it to my sister so that she can online at her new house. Another sister of me bought a new car.

So tell me what's your opinion, when you work what is the first new thing you going to buy?
A car or a house?

Based on my observation, it's good to have a new house, but it's not so worth it when both you and your partner have to work until late at night and when you come home you're too tired to watch the tv or sing the karaoke set or online or cook and go to bed instead. Okay, weekends i heard you.

What about car? I know new car is cool but the depreciation rate for vehicles is high and you definitely not getting any profit if you sell off your car. But you of course save on the the maintenance cost of your second hand car.

ok, this is totally pointless post, but do let me know if you're earning RM3.5k every month, will you get a new car or a house? Or you don't. You keep the money for investment.

speaking about investment, i know someone has starting to gain profits and i am so jealous and wanting to invest for the sake of money grows money. But there are risks and i have zero knowledge on investment even though i am having Investment and Portfolio Management paper this coming paper! Hoho, the lecturer sucks big time i lost all my interest in investing and listenin g in the class, but not like i attended all his class because his class in at night esp Wednesday night where there is pasar malam at Taman Maju. However there was one cute guy in his class, so i was undecided if i should go pasar malam or see the cute guy. Bot everything unimportant anymore because the semester is over. Oh, this thursday i am seeing the cute guy in the hall. :)

Speaking about cute guy, why it is so little cute guys around UTP? He's not chinese la of course because i think petronas doesn't sponsor cute chinese guys to study in utp. Then how? I don't want to be aminah tan although i think i will be a cute round face aminah.

Sorry, this is totally crap. but the cute guy really existed in my IPM class and my malay friends know about it, and even Haha likes that guy too, and there was another cute guy in the exploreRC i joined last month too, only to know he's a malay and AND he's my coursemate's bf. Why i was unaware of it until i went to googled for his name and i came across his friendster and facebook and read his status : Married/in a relationship. T______T At one point i really didn't mind to become fatimah.

No lah, I'm not serious about the last line, but i'm serious i went googled his name. Hoho

and we have already plan for our another outing this friday... to explore gua tempurung ... anyone interested? then go for a singing session. I can't wait i can't wait. Oh, speaking of having fun, i am not sure what kind of clothings should i bring when i go for my europe trip which is less than 20 days! 18 days to be exact. wtf. i really should pack. I was telling yokehoon the other day i didn;t want to be dirty backpackers like what we were during my vietnam/cambodia trip because we only brought 5 shirts, 2 shorts, 1 jeans, 1 jacket for the 12 days trip. Hohohoho. I still going as a backpacker but pretty backpacker i want to be. wtf.

okay, i should back to my book. T_____T

i still have lotsa to write, but i think you're tired reading it.


  1. so, ur sis bought myvi rite??
    ish...she never care to come fetch me go long kai..huh!!!~

  2. ya she just bought not long ago.

    u call her la ask her go bring u kai kai. hehe

  3. cute guy?? hahah.. not me, right?? hahahahhah =))

  4. hse is a good investment. safe and secure

  5. DAvuth: c'mon, i bet you have a mirror in your room. hahhaha. jkjk.

    Johnny: thanks for the advice, i'll consider that when i'm ready for investment. :)