Wednesday, May 27

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

I just watched it and i think it's a great movie.

It's a story of a father to the twins who gave away one of the baby because she is down syndrome. His own sister had that syndrome too and she passed away at twelve and his mother had been very upset since. Not wanting her wife to experience that, he had to make that decision. However the nurse who supposed to send her off to a center was not able to do so because the condition of the center was very bad and she grow her up as her own child.

Since then, the father became very upset and guilty to his wife. So did his wife, she often dream about her baby girl, that's what her husband told her so. His wife wanted more children but he just can't to bear the pain so he most of the times turn down his wife. When the twin boy was in school, his wife started to work and their relationship became more and more sour and his wife ended up having affairs. When he died, his wife and son found out about the girl's existing via the letters the nurse sent him.

Go watch it~ You would have different view about down syndrome and why communication and honesty is very important in a relationship. :)


  1. kinda interesting ne... will check it out.. :)

  2. really? I dint know there's a movie about it. currently reading the book and i think it's awesome. =)

  3. Oh man! :( I forgot to call you goodbye this evening.. :( Sorry sorry! Hirk hirk! Hope you are doing great over there ne! Enjoy ur trip to the max!

  4. yea me too,currently reading that book and looking forward to watch that movie :)