Sunday, May 24

When we're at the fishing pond the other day....

We're both so bored and started to camwhore!
Jie, my fringe so long can cover my eyes already.
Wei, how come got a scar here?don't play la, where got scar!
serious, got scar. neh here!just joking~
cibai, lie to me! Hik hik hik.
jie, you look there!
got one guy korek his hidung :p
yerrrr, so disgusting!!!you see you see he's doing it again!

*someone shouted at us*you shouting at me har?
wHat do you wantt???
Go fuck off laa!!
don't YOU mess with us~


  1. hahahhaha.. i can't stop laughing... hahahah... u're damn funny.. :P :P .. u look like a comedian.. no offend.. hahah.. :P

  2. aww so cute eh ur pics.. =)

  3. i think we both look like comedian. my sister came out with those stupid pointing here and there, i just make it out as story totally random. haha..

    edrea, thanks .:) haha

  4. yooo..
    si beh siao lee..hahaha..
    damn farnie!!!~