Friday, June 5

Little update

Sorry for the super long title with no body because there are only two computers in the guest house and ww and yh were using them so i had to online using the ipod touch and it seems impossible to write anything in the body. Oh well...

Since it's summer here in Europe and keehui was telling me how hot it was in Rome before we flew there, hence i only packed light with shorts, t shirts, dresses and normal jackets. Sigh... it's freaking cold and we are in layers while the others being in sleeves and pants. Bad bad. And today i went out wearing two shirts with a jacket and two scarfs still feeling almost freezed to death. T_T

Everything was fine and it was a great experience. Imagine landed on the ground the other day in Rome while crossing the street in superman style because i tersepak something. Malu like hell and i thought, damn sure bleed like hell because i was using both my palm to stop myself from falling further. But lucky me, I didn't bleed because the surface of the street is of those big bricks compared to tar road in Malaysia. :)

Lotsa pictures to share.. mostly of my panda eyes and tired face because of the jet lag (partially) and the result of waking up early in the morning and walk/visit from places to places until late at night.

Have to go.. :)

P/s: HAppy birthday to Kahyee...... Hope you have a blast celebration this year and sorry can't be there this year. :) Got you something for your present and hope you'll love it. :)