Monday, July 20

First day of the last semester

Being the last semester student, I feel rather old senior who still behaves like a little kid. :P

I cannot believe how time passed so fast. It was just like yesterday I entered the university. In the last four years, many things happened. Look at my university, it doesn't take you long time to name the changes taken place ever since. The relocation of the main gate of the building, the new and beautiful pathway to chancellor Hall, the renovation of the old village 5, which is known as Village 6, the new futsal/basketball courts at Village 5 and etc.

Just like the students here changes. Some dramatically while some hardly changed.

What changes the most is our attitude. Some of us have really turned to an young adults, ready to fight in the working zone. Our mindsets changed. From the innocent high school kids to matured man/lady. We no longer talk about the lenglui juniors /lengchai seniors but about how to earn hard money (man), some even have some financial planning to get married in less than 5 years. While the ladies, discussing about preventing the wrinkles. LOL.

This semester all of the engineering batchmates returned to the jungle, which increases the livelihood of my life. It's always good to see familiar faces around. Ah, this feels like homecoming to me. or CNY when everyone reunions. The bad, i only have one last semester here, but at least i have 6 months to spend with them. Contradiction, it depends how you see it right?

So many plans, but limited cash. I really wish if money falls from the sky or there are no money in his world. Then everyone wouldn't have to work so hard for it and people are equal. No rich, no poor. Hmmm....

Anyway, welcome back to UTP.


  1. Nah... forget that idea of no rich no poor.. u know what? Because of that idea, it made us all suffering for almost 4 years from 1975 to 1979. Ok.. forget about that. In my view, it's good that the world is challenging. As long as the challenging is equal, then it's perfect. The only problem is that injustice is always there. Hey, by the way, why r u so formal this time? (except one LOL u use in the middle of ur post) u hardly post anything recently...

  2. so the Khmer war was to destroy the rich and everyone lives equally????

    I'm so formal because three words, one thing for you...F.Y.P. HAHAHAHAHA